Air-Cooled Chiller Plant with Thermal Storage - Industrial Manufacturing Facility

This project included the installation of a 900T air-cooled chiller plant with 12,600 Ton-hrs of thermal storage. The system allows the Owner to take advantage of low off-peak utility rates and provides flexibility for future expansion and the conversion of DX to chilled water. The project qualified for a 999kW load reduction and received the maximum available utility incentive totaling $189,910 ($190/kW).

Utility Scale 10MW Solar Project

This project included the design-build construction of a grid-tied 10MW ground mount solar system. Construction of this project was completed in 2014. Highland Resource Group served as the Director of Engineering for this project.

Electric Vehicle Bus Charging Stations - Newark

This project included the design-build construction of six bus charging stations to re-power the facility's electric bus fleet. Highland Resource Group served as the Engineer of Record for this project. The charging stations were installed and began serving the bus fleet in January of 2019.

Rooftop Solar (PV) System for County Prosecutor's Office

This project included the installation of a 27.2kW(AC) roof-mounted solar system. The system includes 110 modules and a 30kW central inverter. This project was engineered, publicly-bid and constructed as a privately-owned system (no PPA or external EPC firm). Construction of this project (including interconnect with local utility) was completed in 2010.

Federal Training Facility HVAC Retrofit

HVAC Retrofit of Federal Training Facility The project included the conversion of two large heating-only air handling units with custom air handling units equipped with an energy recovery wheel and DX cooling with a remote condensing unit. The project was implemented while maintaining building occupancy and resulted in improved space conditions and significant long term energy savings.

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) HVAC Retrofit for Large Office Building 

This project included the installation of 228Tons of VRV. This project includes the complete mechanical rehab of an 80,000+ square foot office building with 228 Tons of VRV heat pumps. The project will provide substantial energy savings compared to the existing VAV / electric reheat system and is eligible for a substantial rebate from the utility company.

Chiller Replacement - Design Build

CAE New Jersey Morristown Training Center - This project included replacement of (3) existing air-cooled split chillers on site with (2) water-cooled, magnetic  bearing chillers. The project was completed with minimal disruption of campus activity.

If you operate a building that is in need of a chiller replacement for next year, the time to begin planning for this is now. Of course, every chiller replacement project has its own unique set of circumstances. Therefore, it is best to allow adequate time and start the planning process now. HRGNJ has significant experience with all types of chiller replacements. Contact our office if you would like to have your unique chiller replacement project reviewed by our engineers.