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PSE&G Small Business Direct Install Program

HRG is a PSEG Trade Ally for both the Small Business Direct Install Program and Business Energy Savers Program.  Click below to find out how your business can leverage these programs to capture substantial project incentives (including project financing) and reduce your energy expenses.

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Building Tune-up &


HRG provides retro-commissioning services for existing buildings as part of the Building Energy Performance Program. Created through Building Energy Performance Policy and sometimes referred to as “Building Tune-ups," the program aims to achieve efficient energy and water use in the largest non-residential buildings in Philadelphia.  Click below to find out how your business can leverage our services to get your building operating efficiently.

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Distributed Generation

 (Also known as on-site generation or decentralized generation) is a term describing the generation of electricity for use on-site, rather than transmitting energy over the electric grid from a large, centralized facility (such as a coal-fired power plant). As economic development outpaces the expansion of electricity supply in some areas of the country, and with other regions facing constraints on the ability to deliver power where and when it is needed, it is important to encourage local options for electricity transmission.  By generating electricity in smaller amounts closer to end-users, we can dramatically increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon pollution, improve grid resiliency, and curtail the need for new transmission investments.

Measurement & Verification

Our experience enables us to provide the process of planning, measuring, collecting, and analyzing data to verify and report energy savings within a facility.